Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Life changes every minute of every second. When life starts to change for the good this when the past catches up with the individual. Growing up on the south side of Chicago can have its advantages and its disadvantages. Growing up as a minister's son can have its confusions about religion and life as well.
When I look out my window there is no perfect road, or well-conditioned homes. I see people standing on corners, homelessness; churches on every corner and next to the churches are liquor stores. Every five minutes police ride down the street. This is an advantage because these conditions helped me be the man that I am today. Who is caring, tough, honest, and respectful, At the same time this is what i would like to change about my life. Growing up around these situations gives media, and the world the negative perceptions about African Americans.
When I was young I remember when a guy was walking past my house with a gun in his hand. At that time I looked at my mother and told her, "I will never do anything like that." Even though life has given fastballs my way. I know that everything I've been through has been for a reason.